Is It Possible To Get Pregnant After 40?

Is It Possible To Get Pregnant After 40?
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After reaching 40 years old, your odds of getting pregnant significantly decrease. According to studies about pregnancy, only 50% of 40-year-old women get pregnant successfully. The truth is that you are most likely to get pregnant when you are in your 20s or even in your 30s, doctors usually don’t recommend a pregnancy after the age of 35. When you reach your 40s, things get complicated. However, complicated doesn’t mean impossible, it is possible to have a baby after being 40.

In fact, the number of women that wait until their 40s to get pregnant has increased since the 1970s, having a baby between the ages of 40-44 is fairly normal these days. There are reasons why women sometimes wait until they reach this certain age such as waiting for the best partners or waiting to have stability both in their work life and personal life.

With the advance of technology, now it’s safer than before to get pregnant after 40. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t risks. Every pregnancy can have complications and some can be even dangerous to the mother, getting pregnant after 40 can attract some risks as well. Women that can get pregnant after this age only had won half of the battle, the chances of complications during pregnancy are higher. As women age, the quality of their eggs decreases, that being said, there are higher chances of disorders such as down syndrome or even a miscarriage.

Also, there is a risk of an increase in blood pressure or developing gestational diabetes. Several studies have stated that risks at the time of delivery are the highest with women over 40, they usually have complications. What women that want to get pregnant after their 40s need to know is that it might not happen, yes, it’s possible, but if it happens there might be complications along the way not only for the mother but also for the baby.

Still, there many women who could give birth to a healthy baby, and without any complications, there is no reason to get discouraged. Just be conscious that it might be a tough journey. Make sure to get regular medical checkups to see how everything is going for you and the baby and maintain a healthy body and mind to make the process a lot smoother. Every woman is different, therefore, their bodies are different too, what happened to someone doesn’t mean it will happen to everyone.