Pregnancy Sex: Enjoy your sex life while you wait for the baby

Pregnancy Sex: Enjoy your sex life while you wait for the baby
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Sex is one of the healthiest aspects when it comes to your relationship.with your significant other, but is it safe to have sex while you are pregnant?

For most women, sex does not imply risks during their pregnancy. In fact, it has been proven that sex does not harm your baby at all since amniotic fluid from your uterus helps protect your baby during sexual intercourse.

Pregnancy sex does not bother or harm the baby. In fact, reaching orgasms, for example, causes the baby pleasant sensations that keep them relaxed since the endorphins that are produced reach them through the blood.

If you have a healthy pregnancy, you and your partner can use safe and comfortable sex positions while you go through your pregnancy together.

However, if you feel a little bit lost about this subject, here we are to show you the best sex positions during pregnancy:

Facing (or Face to Face)
This position estimulates the anterior (front) vaginal wall. Plus, facial contact influences during the act and if you have your hands free you can get much more intense caresess.

Lying on your side but your back against his chest
In addition to being pleasant, this one also allows the future dad to touch the belly while you make love.

You lying on your back and he on top, without bearing his weight on you
Even though it is not possible to fully reach penetration, it can be really pleasant for both of you.

You face up near the edge of the bed and he knelt on the floor
This position stimulates the vaginal wall and the size of the belly does not bother or hinder the act.

He on his back and you on your back and kneeling over him
Here it is the woman who controls the movements. It is a very pleasant position, but when the pregnancy is advanced, you can get tired quickly so you have to take advantage of the time.

He lying on his back and you on your knees on your back, front or back
Like the previous position, you are the one who is in control of the situation and the energy of all movements.

What are the signs of problems during or after sex?

If you experience pain during sexual intercourse, you must notify your healthcare professional.

If you have heavy bleeding, loss of amniotic fluid, or severe abdominal pain that does not go away after sex, call your provider or go to the emergency room.

It is normal to have some abdominal pain and spotting (light bleeding) after having sex during pregnancy. Plus, having an orgasm can cause abdominal pain. When that happens, a few drops of blood appear on your underwear. The staining is so light that the blood does not saturate a daily feminine protector.

And, most importantly, remember that the best source to get the answers to all of your questions about this topic is your GP and your Gynecologist.